The Road to Mythrendain (part 2)

Ninthmonth 26, 2101

As the snow continues to fall heavily outside, the PCs enjoy the warm hospitality of the Smoky Timbers Inn.

Studying the Tome
Note—This part of the session, I was completely unprepared for. Next session, I’ll be ready to go into more detail about the book and the ritual it contains.

When the humans of Bael Turath damned themselves with Asmodeus’s bargains, only the heads of the noble-houses bound their families to hell. Each noble-house bound itself to a single powerful devil chosen by Asmodeus from amongst his most loyal vassals. With once exception, Levistus, an arch-devil rival of the King of Hell, secretly had his name added to the infernal roster.

The arch-devil in the guise of a lesser devil entered into the pact with Zieram’s ancestors. He taught them many secrets that increased their power and influence with the Empire of Bael Turath. Among those secrets were rituals and rites that could be used to break Asmodeus’s bargain with the tiefling people.

The King of Hell is no fool and soon learned of the plot (if he did not know from the beginning), He imprisoned Levistus and systematically hunted down the heirs of the house. Zieram may very well be the last surviving member of this lineage.

The contents of the book have been penned by many hands and is magically warded to conceal its true contents from those who are not of the proper lineage. Only when the book drinks the blood of one of this lineage does it reveal its secrets. The book is the culmination of centuries of research and experimentation on a ritual that will free Levistus from his prison within hell and force him to honor his pact with the scions of House Kyrandanul.

Gnomeo and the Innkeeper’s Wife
Note—I seriously considered redacting this section to protect the innocent. Unfortunately, there weren’t any innocent people involved, so here it is.

While Zieram and Snark study and Tolko carves on his circle’s symbol. Nim seeks companionship with the Inns staff. Specifically his eyes fall upon the Innkeeper’s wife. Iskassa Tulof is no spring beauty, but neither is she homely. Nim looks at her and apparently thinks that she is just right and probably very grateful for all that they have done for them.

Nim starts hitting on Iskassa. He chats her up and invites her back to his room. She respectfully declines and tells him that she has duties to attend to downstairs. She turns quickly to leave. Nim follows her down the stairs still trying to make small talk with her. The woman gives Nim a concerned look, which to most would be read “you are really starting to creep me out”. Nim decides to press on.

In the tap room Nim convinces Iskassa to share a bottle of wine with him. Iskassa reluctantly agrees. They drink the entire bottle and talk about their past and families. “The kind of stuff that chicks dig talking about”, thinks Nim. Having plied her with wine, Nim invites her again to his room. She turns him down. Disheartened, Nim heads upstairs to his room.

In the wee hours of the morning there is a timid knock at Nim’s door. He opens the door to find Iskassa in the hall. She asks if she can come in, and Nim happily lets her in and closes the door behind her. “I thought a lot about your invitation…”, but before she can finish her sentence, Nim launches himself at her, “jumping her like a wild weasel”. Before Nim can tackle her onto the bed, Iskassa stiff arms him with a palm to his forehead. “Not like that Luv, I want to be romanced”. Nim stops his flailing attempts to reach her, and motions for her to be seated

Nim decides he will try a little pampering. “You know, rub her feet suck her toes. Chicks love that kind of stuff”. Nim lifts up the hem of her night gown and discovers that she has legs hairier than any yetis. Her toes are gnarled with bunions and arthritis, and tipped with cracked and yellowing toe nails. He vomits a little bit in his mouth.

Nim shifts to plan B and starts making out with her. Things are going pretty well until he realizes that she is caressing his face with a long red tail that she did not have when she entered his room. He looks at the tail with shock, and then looks back at Iskassa’s face which is now sporting a pair of devilish horns. “She’s a tiefling? Does the Innkeeper know?”. With that Zieram removes his Hat of Disguise, and Nim realizes that he has been the butt of a practical joke.

Nim forces Zieram out of his room accompanied by threats of gnomish retribution.

Ninthmonth 27, 2101

The Heavy snow fall that began the previous day continues again today.

Reported on the Pass to Medrash
Zieram and Tolko assess the state of the pass and determine that the pass will likely be open for only another week if the heavy snows persist. Zieram performs the Sending ritual and passes this information on to Medrash.

Where three roads meet
The PCs descend out of the Wyrmsmoke mountains following the Dwarfroad until it ends at a crossroads. The road to the north is known as the Old Northroad and the road to the south is the Dawnway. Reviewing their maps of the vale they determine that South Glade lies to the Southeast. There are a couple of routes that they travel to get there. They can follow the less traveled tracks south and around the western end of the Wyvernwatch Mountains passing by Ravenloft, or they can follow the Dawn Way east to Brindol and then travel the lesser roads south through the pass city of Highwall. Regardless of which path they choose, they must still cross the Elsir River and the best place for that is at Drellin’s Ferry.

With the light of day fading, they make camp for the nigh.

Ninthmonth 28,2101

The heavy snow continues for a third straight day.

Skull Gorge Bridge
The PCs arrive at the ancient dwarf-built bridge over Skull Gorge. The bridge has not been manned by guards nor repaired since the fall of the Duchy of Rhestilor. The party approaches it carefully and find evidence that it was until very recently manned by a band of orcs, ogres and presumably giants.

They also find evidence that a battle took place here recently. They find the corpses of dead orcs and an ogre. All of which were killed in a manner that suggests Lazonya was responsible. Further investigation reveals that Lazonya’s obsidian steed was taken down as she rushed across the bridge. Forced to flee on foot Lazonya apparently headed towards the cover of the jagged foothills to the west. There was evidence of giants, ogres and orcs in pursuit.

AS the PCs try to follow her trail they discover that she led her pursuers on a merry chase. Using hastily crafted traps, snares and hit and run tactics, she took them down one by one.

Eventually the party comes to a clearing with in a copse of trees. Here they find the remains of of Lazonya’s last kill. They also find fresh giant tracks leading south out of the clearing.

The Battle at Old Vraath Keep
The party following the trail from the clearing discover that it leads to an old ruined keep. Snark sneaks into the keep and learns that it is being garrisoned by a band of 3 ogres, 8 orcs and a pair of hill giants. Snark brings this info back to the rest of the party and they decide to use the snow as cover to sneak in and try to take out the hill giants first. Starting with what apears to be a hill giant shaman.

Snark sneaks back the the shaman’s room and hides. He is followed soon afterward by Nim who hides under the bed. Zieram uses his hat of disguise to make himself look like one of the orcs walks through the shattered front gates. He trys to bluff his way past the giant by pointing towards the door to the room used as the castle’s toilet. The giant, who is in the middle of communing with his god, is annoyed at being disturbed and warns Zieram to go away. Unfortunately Zieram doesn’t speak giant so he tries again. This time the giant gets up, gives Zieram a hard shove knocking him back 10 feet and sprawling. He then slams the door.

The giant swipes his foot through the circle pattern he had drawn on the floor and goes to sit on the bed. This pins Nim beneath the shaman’s massive buttocks which force the matress to sag to nearly the floor.

Tolko unaware that the plan has gone slightly awry, arrives and the shaman spots him. Before he can raise a cry however, Snark flies across the room and smacks the giant in the center of the forehead and knocking him unconscious. It falls back onto the bed, further pinning Nim beneath its bulk. Snark wastes no time and leaps upon the giant stabbing maddly him in a panic fueled frenzy. The end result is one dead giant, and all without him being able to raise the alarm.

They search the room and discover a hidden cache of treasure: 1800gp and a Ring of Feather Fall. Snark takes the ring.

After a quick rest they decide to try to surprise the giant on watch on the battlements of the tower above them. Nim and Snark sneak up to the tower. Nim attacks the giant with a spell that flings the giant 15 feet and off the tower. As the giant falls she lets out a blood curdling yell that alerts the rest of the camp. While injured by the fall, the giant isn’t yet dead. Snark jumps over the edge and executes a falling charge on the prone giant. He dispatches her quickly. Two giants dead and not a scratch on the party, but now the rest of the keep’s defenders are alerted to trouble and come out to fight.

Nim, Tolko & Zieram decide to fortify the building the at the base of the tower and limit the number of enemies that can get at them at once. Snark makes his way from where the giantess fell (which was outside the keep’s walls) back to where his friends are.

The ogres and orcs rush the building, and Nim summons a wall of fire. The wall fills up the central chamber of the building dividing it in two. Nim and Zieram retreat into the base of the tower, while Tolko puts himself on the opposite side of the fire wall try to lock the enemy next to the damaging heat of fire. Snark discovers that keep’s walls are too icy for him to climb and that enemies are between him and his only way inside.

Nim decides to switch out his walls, and replaces the fire wall with one of illusions. This gives Zieram a better chance to fling spells at the monsters. The ogres and orcs find the wall completely thwarting. Nims mastery of illusions is so great that despite repeated attempts to test the wall for weaknesses, they completely believe it is real. Instead, where possible they attack over the top of the wall which in most places is only 5 feet tall.

Snark tries his luck and attacks one of the orcs barring his way into the keep. He darts in attacks and then dashes around a corner to hide. The orc pursues and with the aid of the newly fallen snow figures out where Snark is hiding. Realizing he is in trouble of getting skewered by angry orcs flees towards the front of the keep. He leaves little yellow trail as he goes, which makes it easy to follow him.

Eventually the party’s superior defensive position gives them the edge and they whittle down their attackers. Until finally there is a single ogre and a pair of orcs, who attempt to flee. They let the orcs go, but capture the ogre. They question him about Lazonya and learn that he has not seen her. Not wanting to let him go to threaten other travelers, they execute him.

Further searching reveals that the giantess had an uncut emrald necklace worth 1500gp. They also discover that the symbol in the shamon’s cirlcle was the symbol for Pyranoth, a primordial entity dating back to the Age of Chains. This is the same entity that Durkik asked Zieram to investigate.

With the day drawing to a close, the party settles down to rest in keep’s ruins.

The Road to Mythrendain (part 1)

Ninthmonth 24, 2101

As the PCs prepare to leave Overlook a light snow begins to fall.

Sullying Proudhammer’s Reputation
In the days that followed the victory of Overlook over the forces besieging it, Zieram and Nim joined forces to undermine the reputation of Durm Proudhammer. Zieram was concerned about the rumors he had heard that Proudhammer was in a good position to gain a seat on Overlook’s Council of Elders. This is an event that the PCs and a couple of the other council members would like to not see happen. Using Nim’s illusions and Zieram’s Hat of Disguise they had Proudhammer make appearances in several seedy and unsavory establishments throughout the city. At each appearance they had him make a complete spectacle out of himself. The events were so shocking that it has caused Proudhammer a great deal of public embarrassment and eroded some of his supporters.
At the same time the PCs encouraged Igna to court Ko-Be as a possible candidate. Public office is a bit of an interest of his and his fame as one of the Heroes of Overlook would be a great asset.

A Message from Lazonya
A couple of days before, Zieram received a snding from Lazonya. Zieram was in the mountains west of Overlook at the time and the message was thus: “Need your aid, Bring Tolko, Nim, Snark to Mythrendain. Enter South Glade portal. Will leave guide at Kindly Crone. Beware marauders – avoided some, dispatched others”

Gone Shopping
The PCs spend the day gathering together what supplies they need for the journey east to South Glade.

Ninthmonth 25, 2101

The PCs depart Overlook a light snow continues to fall.

A Request from Medrash
Medrash approaches the PCs as they are preparing to leave Overlook. He has a favor to ask of Zieram.

  • Medrash has convinced the coalition troops to stay around for a few more days in Overlook and help him hunt brigands in the surrounding Westdeep. However, the soldiers are understandably concerned that if they delay much longer that the pass over the Wyrmsmokes will be closed by the snow fall. This will mean a lengthy detour around the mountains to get home to their families.
  • Medrash asks Zieram to send him word from the pass of its condition and his best guess at how long the road through the mountains will remain passable. He offers to reimburse him the cost of the ritual’s components. He gives Zieram a small purse of 5pp to purchase the Sending ritual and the necessary components.

The Camp on the Forrest’s Edge
The party trudges along the Dwarfroad east through the Westdeep. The going is taxing because of the amount of snow that has fallen over the past couple of weeks. By the end of the day they arrive at the traveler’s camp located just inside the forest.
Snark catches a glimpse of something bronze glinting from beneath the snow next to one of the trees just outside the camp’s clearing. Upon investigating the party discovers that it is the corpse of a Copperhelm. Further inspection of the corpse revealed that it had died as the result of multiple arrow wounds and a few well placed sword thrusts. The arrow wounds were notable because of the lack of arrows in them and the fact that there was no tearing of the wounded flesh to show that the arrows had been removed. That detail pointed towards this being the work of Lazonya because the arrows from her magic quiver disappear back to whence they are summoned after a short time. As the PCs prepared the campsite for their night’s they discovered three more Copperhelms slain in a similar fashion.

Ninthmonth 26, 2101

The PCs leave the eaves of the Westdeep and travel into the pass. The light snow of the previous days worsens to a heavy snow storm.

Carrion on the Dwarfroad
Traveling up the Dwarfroad into the mountains the party encounters a pair of merchant wagons and their dead attendants. The corpses of the caravan are being consumed by a pack of four Vulture Drakes. The drakes either defending their meal or eager to add some fresh meat to their diet attack the PCs. That was a mistake on their part because the PCs slaughter them in a matter of seconds. While searching the wagons the PCs find:

  • The wagons have been picked over and some items have been taken from the wagons. However each wagon is still laden with ~1,000 lbs of oaken beams and boards.
  • While the vulture drakes had savaged the bodies of the merchants and their guards, they did not kill them. There were signs that the bodies were killed by weapon wounds. One of them was cut completely in two at the waste.

Trouble at the Smoky Timbers Inn
Cold and tired from a long day’s march the party arrives at the Smoky Timbers Inn and learn that it has been commandeered by a squad of Flaming Fists mercenaries and their war troll ally. A battle ensues where many spells and blows are exchanged. Thanks to Tolko taking quite a hammering on their behalf, the rest of the party walked away from the battle mostly unscathed.
With the Flaming Fists defeated, the innkeeper emerged from his hiding place and introduced himself as Krolin Tulof. He thanks the PCs for saving his inn and has rooms and a meal prepared for them free of charge.
Krolin tells the PCs that the mercenaries arrived a couple of days ago and he overheard them saying they would camp out in the inn for a few days to see if anyone else from their unit showed up before moving on. The PCs also learned from Krolin that Lazonya passed through here a few days ago headed east.

Blood and Secret Legacies
Snark acting on a hunch collected some of Zieram’s blood and tested it on one of the infernal texts that he carries. The writing on the page writhed and wriggled and drank in Zieram’s blood. None of the other Tiefling blood that Snark has tested on the tomes has yielded any reaction at all. It seems that he has finally found someone that can help him unlock the secrets of the texts.

Taking stock and making plans

The events below took place over a period of several days in Overlook. I’ve tried to lay them out roughly in the order in which I remember them happening, but I’m sure I go them slightly out of sequence and some of them were going on at the same time. The campaign date when the session started was Ninthmonth 17, 7101 DR and the date was Ninthmonth 26, 7101 DR at the end of the session. In case you’re curious DR stands for Dwarf Reckoning. Check out the wiki on tracking time here

The party is summoned to Caer Overlook
All of the PCs are summoned to Caer Overlook to attend a meeting being held by Great Elder Morgoff. Zieram, Tolko and Lazonya attended the meeting. Nim had other plans and Snark was hiding so they did not attend. Highlights:

  • Elder Igna Sureweld approached the PCs to ask them for aid in furthering her agenda in the council. She has been working for some time to get the Overlook government to be more representative of the citizens who dwell in the city now. Her feeling is that the city may have started as a Dwarven city, but it hasn’t been that for a long time and it is time that those running things reflected the true demographics.
  • The meeting was attended by other notable heroes and movers and shakers within the city’s society. Medrash, Korgul, Ko-be, Proudhammer, Swiftblade and her crew, the Erathis priestess, and many others the PCs hadn’t met formally.
  • The Great Elder ran down a status list for the districts of the city. This report was supplemented by individual reports from attendees who were from these areas of the city. In general the repairs have begun, though they are being greatly hampered by the weather. All craftsmen have been conscripted to aid in the repairs and the output of every forge has been tasked with producing necessary materials to aid this effort. Massive braziers are being set up in Overlook’s streets to help with the icing and to give the workers some respite from the unseasonable cold.
    • Blister—This district received some damage from the dwarven siege engines that were seeking to dislodge the Copperhelms.
    • Boneyard—Some of the eastern-most tombs were looted by the Copperhelms. Though their pilfering was short lived.
    • Elftown—Not as hard hit as Stonehammer, but still sporting its share of damaged buildings. The snow fall is threatening to collapse buildings that were damaged by the arcane siege engines.
    • Forgeworks—Escaped the siege virtually un touched. This is a blessing because the city requires all of the district’s considerable craft facilities to effect repairs.
    • High Hall—Untouched by the siege engines of the Flaming Fists. It is much as it was before the siege. One notable changes is that there are far more non-dwarven faces in the streets here now.
    • Nine Bells—Much of Nine Bells and most of the western outer ring has been destroyed by fires set by Lazonya’s Raiders. Only the stone structures of this district survived the fires, and many of them have damaged roofs.
    • Stonehammer—Like Elftown came under direct assault from the Flaming Fists siege weapons. Some of the more damage buildings have collapsed under the weight of heavy snow fall. The weather is really hampering the cleanup and recovery effort.
    • Shantytown—This district was a shit hole before the siege, and suffered terribly during it. It is now a charnel pit of frozen corpses and collapsing buildings. Work crews have been dispatched to the district to gather up the bodies and burn them in massive pyres.
  • The Great Elder also went over the external threats to the region.
    • Although the siege is over, there are still roving bands of mercenaries that are turning to banditry. The problem is being dealt with as best as can be, but the soldiers from Bordrin’s Watch and the coalition force from the eastern part of Elsir Vale, must return to whence they came soon. Already the coalition force is planning for its return. They fear the snow will close the pass over the Wyrmsmoke Mountains and force them to travel around the mountains to get back east. The Great Elder requested that Lazonya’s Raiders be commissioned as a permanent force and set to the task of ferreting out the remaining bandits near Overlook.
    • Also on everyone’s mind is the weather. The Fey Winter, as it is being called, is hampering the efforts to repair the city. It also has the City Quartermaster concerned, because the early onset of winter prevented the a full harvest this year. The city has ample stores that should get the city through the winter if properly rationed and supplemented by fresh meat. However, if the Fey Winter doesn’t abate by spring and interferes with the planting then the city’s situation will be very dire.

Nim takes a trip to Shantytown
While Zieram, Lazonya, and Tolko went to the council meeting. Nim headed out the east gate and went to Shantytown. He pretended to join up with the corpse crews, but quickly set out on his on to explore the district. He searched a number of the less dilapidated structures, but didn’t find much of any value. Disgusted he headed back to the city proper. Along the way he encountered a drunken dwarf being thrown out of a bar and his eladrin companion (Sanchez & Arranis). He lifted their purses as a consolation prize and headed back to the Dancing Spirits Inn.

  • Inside one of the coin purses amongst the coins is a small glowing gem. The gem is enchanted and appears to be a power source of some kind.

Zieram is summoned by High Ancestor Durkik
High Ancestor Durkik sends an acolyte to get him as he is leaving the council meeting. The acolyte leads Zieram to a large study within Caer Overlook where Durkik is hard at work decyphering the Incunabulum Primeval. The highlights:

  • The name Pyranoth dates back to the Age of Chains and none of the references with in the tome have been complimentary.
  • The ciphers that he was taught do not work reliably on the sections of the text where his name is found. Durkik believes this indicates that the entries are extremely old, perhaps written before ancient dwarven was a single language.
  • One thing that he was able to decipher was that Pyranoth’s name is mentioned in connection with something known as Klar’ekku.
  • What Klar’ekku is isn’t explained. However, the text in question is a quote from an ancient scholor know as Pylark of Argent.
  • There is a refence to Argent in the book but it is contained within cleverly devised cipher of arcane text. This is what Durkik needed Zieram’s help with.
    • Zieram with Bimp’s help is able to determine that the arcane text is in fact a trap which must be disabled before the protected passage can be deciphered. Bimp describes the trap as having pointy bits to it that won’t react well to being tampered with. Zieram constructs a make shift magic circle to contain the discharge of arcane energy should he fail to disarm the construct. Zieram takes the entire passage into his mind’s eye at one time and through force of wiil renders the trap inert.
    • With the trap disabled, Zieram finds that the text within is actually a level 10 teleportaion ritual Argent Portal Ritual.
  • Durkik is very concerned by the revelation that followers of Pyranoth, a powerful entity linked to the Age of Chains, are behind the attack on Overlook. He fears this is just the first step in some larger plot against the city. He would see this followed up on. Zieram agrees to look into it.

Lazonya recieves an alarming missive from home

  • Lazonya spends a couple of days helping repair the temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot. It was one of the stone structures that survived, but received damage to its roof.
  • During her work on the temple, Lazonya receives a brief message from her mother via a magical writing desk that she carries with her.
    • The writing desk is part of a matched set that let’s messages be sent from one to the other. Lazonya’s family back in Mythrendain has the second desk.
    • “I hope you are well. Will you come to the Samhain Festival? Look for us not in the Catacombs. We now reside at Fallstar Manor.”
    • Lazonya’s family has lived in the Catacombs for 5 generations. Not a glamorous place to live, but very practical for the work that they do. The Fallstar Manor is in the Old Battery, which is a run down part of town. It is also the district where the families of exiles are forced to live.
  • Lazonya concerned about the what might have befallen her family in her absence, packs swiftly and heads home to Mythrendain. On the way out of town she let’s Zieram know where she is headed.
  • Snark and Nim try to follow her trail, but they soon learn that an elladrin ranger on an obsidian steed intent on swift travel is not easy to catch. They turn around and head back to Overlook.

Tolko is summoned back to Caer Overlook
Captain Bonner sends a guard to fetch Tolko. The guard has been instructed to bring Tolko to Caer Overlook immediately. When he arrives, Tolko finds Captain Bonner standing outside a cell in the dungeon beneath the fortress. Standing beside him is smartly dressed eladrin named Arranis. Inside the cell is a drunken dirty dwarf who is sobbing uncontralably. Periodically the dwarf will stop sobbing and scream out Tolko’s name.
Tolko has never met this dwarf before, but agrees to speak with him. As soon as he does a change comes over the dwarf and Tolko finds that he is actaully speaking to Krael Witheroot. Krael tells Tolko to come to the Boiling Tarn for a meeting of the circle and to bring this poor dwarf with him.

Tolko goes to the Boiling Tarn
Tolko, Arranis & Snachez pack up and leave Overlook heading east towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. The Boiling Tarn is a hot springs located on a high shelf on the westaward slopes of mountains. The trip takes three days and is tricky going in the mountains because of the ice and snow. The other members of Tolko’s warden circle are already at the tarn and awaiting him to arrive.
The Circle of the Endless Horizon has called a meeting to discuss the threat posed by the Fey Winter and decide on what is to be done about it.

  • Opal & Onix had just returned from a patrol of the southern Stonehome Mountains.
    • They found a previously unknown portal to the Feywild located at the headwaters of the Elsir River and it is through this portal that the Fey Winter is coming forth.
      • The portal seemed to be a permanent, stable portal and had been arcanely altered to prevent its use. The ritual locking the portal is definitely maintained on the Feywild side.
      • They were unable to determine where in the Feywild the portal is connected.
  • Krael studied Tolko carefully for a minute and announced that Winter had already chosen a champion in this matter. Tolko agreed that he would try to stop the Fey Winter.
  • Krael took Sanchez into his care and has begun a process to heal this disturbed dwarf of his affliction.
  • Tolko finds a shard of ironwood that was sundered by a bolt of lightning. Tolko has begun to carve the shard into a symbol for his circle.

Tolko and Zieram investigate the Fey Portal
After Tolko returned to Overlook he went to find Zieram. Together they weaded west out of the city towards the Stonehome Mountains. They followed the Elsir River to its source and located the portal. The Highlights:

  • The portal was located in the entrance of a shallow cave nestled beneath the roots of a large bonsai-like tree.
  • the portal was a shimmering white and blue energy field through which issued forth a howling wintry wind that rushed into the sky above the mountains. This is clearly the source of the Fey Winter
  • Zieram was able to learn a few more things about the portal
    • The portal is not just locked it has been dominated by a powerful fey entity. The portal is under this creatures complete control and no one can pass through it without its leave. Bimp is fairly sure the entity in question is a major league Fomorian Giant.
    • He was able to gain a brief glimpse of the Feywild beyond the portal. Zieram and Tolko saw a glittering subterranean city carved from the fractured shell of a gigantic geode. A couple of moments later the vista was replaced by an enormous slitted yellow eye which delivered a mental smack to Zieram knocking him flat.

Quest Summaries
Here is a quick summary of the three quests that you guys picked up this session.

“Put an end to the threat of the Fey Winter”—level 15 major quest given to Tolko by his warden circle.

“Travel to Argent and learn more about Pyranoth and Klar’ekku”—level 12 minor quest and was given to Zieram by High Ancest Durkik.

“Travel to Mythrendain and investigate what is going on with Lazonya’s family”—level 12 minor quest given to Lazonya by her mom.

Siege of Overlook: Part 2

Day 7—The day begins with the besiegers lengthening their lines within the city.  Copperhelms loose nearly half of their number to illness and desertion following the latest round of attacks by the PCs.  Sarshan takes personal command of the mercenaries and forces them to move into the city and to prepare for an assault on the walls.
o       Late that night Lazonya is summoned to the jail within the citadel.  She is asked to vouch for two gnomes that the dwarves caught looting.  They introduced themselves as Nim and Snark and claimed to be a part of her crew.  She vouches for them and they follow her around.
o       Great Elder Morgoff summons all of the heroes to the war room where he details their current dilemma.  The dwarf and rogue on Swiftblade’s Crew die and can’t be raised.  Korgul and Ko-be agree to join her group for the coming day’s battle.  Swiftblade is assigned to the western gate and the PCs (now sporting two new gnomish members) are assigned to the eastern gate.  The hope is that the PCs will be in a good position to draw Sarshan into battle at the eastern gate.
o       Reports are brought in that Sarshan and his dragon were spotted inside the second ring of the city.  Patrols report no obvious signs of sabotage.  They keep an eye on the area where the dragon was spotted, but find nothing odd.

 Day 8—The day begins with the PCs called to battle.  High Ancestor Durkik teleports them to the eastern gate.  Sarshan makes a run on the wall and clears it of defenders while the Copperhelms rush forward all along the wall.  The PCs rush up the stairs to the wall.  Sarshan begins ferrying troops from below to the wall top.  Squads of Copperhelms and war trolls are brought up.  The trolls attempt to shut down the siege engines and the Copperhelms begin working the winch.

 The dwarven watch manages to keep the Copperhelms from raising the gates while the PCs rush to the battle, thought they take heavy casualties.

o       The big surprise in this battle was for me the DM.  The PCs did manage to lock Sarshan into combat long enough to use their pushing powers to fling him off the back of his dragon and 120 feet to the cobblestones below.  The fall was just in the fatal category for his level and he had no powers or items that could reasonably save his life.  It wasn’t the end that I had thought that he would have ( I had planned another combat after the wall), but the PCs played smart and took advantage of the situation so I didn’t feel like it was right to pull something cheesy and let him live.  An ignoble death for a villain that didn’t deserve anything better.
o       With Sharshan dead the dragon went nuts and attacked the PCs on the top of the wall.  The Copperhelms realizing that Sarshan was dead fled the field.
      Lazonya attempted a daring suicide run with two clockwork bombs.  She rolled underneath the dragon shoved them up into the dragon’s chest cavity and detonated them.  They exploded, but not with the effect that She was expecting.  The dragon was only slightly injured and Lazonya was only wounded not killed.  Now she was left underneath a very ticked off undead dragon all by herself.  Nim came to her aid with a hypnotic pattern and drew the dragon away so she could retreat and continue to attack from range.
o       As the Copperhelms fled, word arrived that there was an army marching to Overlook’s defense, led by Medrash, Arannis and Sanchez.
o       During the night after day 8 the Dark Arkhosians and the Flaming Fists retreat.  The dwarves let them go.

Day 10—The Dwarves from Bodrin’s Watch arrive tired and frustrated that they missed the siege.  The PCs are each awarded a level 13 item of their choice.

The Siege of Overlook: Part 1

I have to go back through my notes and figure out what happened during days 1 through 3
Day 4—The PCs with the aid of the city watch staged a daring raid on the Copperhelms in Shantytown.

  • Ko-be, Korgul, Tolko & Zieram with the aid of Captain Bonner and 30 dwarf warriors sallied forth against a force of 200 Copperhelms holding the east gate.  The purpose of this mission was to create a diversion that would allow Lazonya and her raiders a chance to get into Shantytown and poison the Copperhelms food supply.
    • Tolko suggested that the party build a 12 foot tall wicker man and set it alight to precede the attack.  Zieram added mystical runes to wicker man to enhance and prolong its burning.  Ko-be added symbolism to the effigy that would add to its unnerving nature.  Korgul decided to be the power that drove the cart downhill.
    • The city watch opened fire on the Copperhelms position and rained down upon them burning pitch and ballista bolts.  The sudden attack threw the mercenaries into disarray which set the stage nicely for the PCs assault.
    • The wicker man careened down the street towards the outer gate while Zieram provided a frightening pyrotechnics display.
    • Caught off guard some of the Copperhelms began to flee before the burning effigy while others bunched up and hesitated in the confusion of the moment.
    • Korgul charged a group of 30 Copperhelms while “thunder” raging and flung himself into the middle of the mercenaries.  Loud peels of thunder echoed from the melee as Copperhelms bodies flew out of the mass.
    • Meanwhile Ko-be leant his leadership to the assault and coordinated the team.  He also used a terrible battle cry, which was enhanced by favorable winds summoned by Tolko, to broadcast the cry throughout the city and into the Shantytown.
    • The disturbance drew the attention of the Copperhelms’ main body in Shantytown and they rushed to the gates.  Unfortunately for them, the Copperhelms inside the city began to route and the two forces collided in the city’s outer gate.
    • Ko-be seizing the opportunity organized the dwarves into a wedge and directed Korgul to charge the gates.  The Copperhelms were pushed out of the city and Zieram with the assistance of the dwarves brought the gate down and disabled it.
    • The assault force then retreated back to the safety of the inner wall as Sarshan and his dragon showed up.
  • While this was going on Lazonya and her raiders crossed the walls and entered Shantytown unnoticed.  Her band split into groups and poisoned the mercenary’s food supply.  While searching they found a wagon with weapons and a few casks of oil in it.  These Lazonya’s Raiders used to blow up the weapons depots that they found.  The confusion at the gate allowed Lazonya and her warriors to get back into the city unnoticed and unmolested.
  • The PCs learn that the portal to the Mountainroot Temple is sealed shut.  The presumption is that the Caretaker is away from the temple.
Day 5 –The moral of the defenders was given a much needed boost by the action at the eastern gate.  The Copperhelms did reclaim the gate, and under direct command of Sarshan finally moved fully into the eastern portion of the city.
  • Intelligence reports estimated that the Copperhelms lost 20%-25% of their fighting strength as a result of desertion and illness that resulted in the aftermath of the attack.  Though still the largest force of mercenaries employed by the enemy, their morale has been greatly compromised which will be an exploitable weakness in the future.
Day 6—The Flaming Fists and Dark Arkhosians finish establishing their positions within the western portion of the city.
  • The Flaming Fists resume their siege engine assault and start lobbing stones and flaming pitch onto the city’s defenders.  They also add two batteries of ritual siege engines.
  • The attacks from the ritual engines are targeted at the districts of Elftown and Stonehammer.  Chaos quickly spreads throughout the streets.
  • The PCs receive a sending from Great Elder Morgoff that Councilwoman Mountainhome is in danger.  Her manor house has been struck by the siege engines and she is trapped inside.  He asks that they go and try to free her.
    • Along the way Ko-be uses his leadership skills to calm the citizens and organize them into teams to combat the fire and help get the injured out of the districts under attack..
    • Once at the manor, the PCs split up and search for the Councilwoman and her staff inside the burning building.  They rescue a dozen or so staff, including three children (Annah  it turns out later is orphaned in the attack), and the Councilwoman.
  • The PCs spend the rest of the day helping organize the evacuation of the attacked districts and return to Caer Overlook as the sun begins to set.


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