Siege of Overlook: Part 2

Day 7—The day begins with the besiegers lengthening their lines within the city.  Copperhelms loose nearly half of their number to illness and desertion following the latest round of attacks by the PCs.  Sarshan takes personal command of the mercenaries and forces them to move into the city and to prepare for an assault on the walls.
o       Late that night Lazonya is summoned to the jail within the citadel.  She is asked to vouch for two gnomes that the dwarves caught looting.  They introduced themselves as Nim and Snark and claimed to be a part of her crew.  She vouches for them and they follow her around.
o       Great Elder Morgoff summons all of the heroes to the war room where he details their current dilemma.  The dwarf and rogue on Swiftblade’s Crew die and can’t be raised.  Korgul and Ko-be agree to join her group for the coming day’s battle.  Swiftblade is assigned to the western gate and the PCs (now sporting two new gnomish members) are assigned to the eastern gate.  The hope is that the PCs will be in a good position to draw Sarshan into battle at the eastern gate.
o       Reports are brought in that Sarshan and his dragon were spotted inside the second ring of the city.  Patrols report no obvious signs of sabotage.  They keep an eye on the area where the dragon was spotted, but find nothing odd.

 Day 8—The day begins with the PCs called to battle.  High Ancestor Durkik teleports them to the eastern gate.  Sarshan makes a run on the wall and clears it of defenders while the Copperhelms rush forward all along the wall.  The PCs rush up the stairs to the wall.  Sarshan begins ferrying troops from below to the wall top.  Squads of Copperhelms and war trolls are brought up.  The trolls attempt to shut down the siege engines and the Copperhelms begin working the winch.

 The dwarven watch manages to keep the Copperhelms from raising the gates while the PCs rush to the battle, thought they take heavy casualties.

o       The big surprise in this battle was for me the DM.  The PCs did manage to lock Sarshan into combat long enough to use their pushing powers to fling him off the back of his dragon and 120 feet to the cobblestones below.  The fall was just in the fatal category for his level and he had no powers or items that could reasonably save his life.  It wasn’t the end that I had thought that he would have ( I had planned another combat after the wall), but the PCs played smart and took advantage of the situation so I didn’t feel like it was right to pull something cheesy and let him live.  An ignoble death for a villain that didn’t deserve anything better.
o       With Sharshan dead the dragon went nuts and attacked the PCs on the top of the wall.  The Copperhelms realizing that Sarshan was dead fled the field.
      Lazonya attempted a daring suicide run with two clockwork bombs.  She rolled underneath the dragon shoved them up into the dragon’s chest cavity and detonated them.  They exploded, but not with the effect that She was expecting.  The dragon was only slightly injured and Lazonya was only wounded not killed.  Now she was left underneath a very ticked off undead dragon all by herself.  Nim came to her aid with a hypnotic pattern and drew the dragon away so she could retreat and continue to attack from range.
o       As the Copperhelms fled, word arrived that there was an army marching to Overlook’s defense, led by Medrash, Arannis and Sanchez.
o       During the night after day 8 the Dark Arkhosians and the Flaming Fists retreat.  The dwarves let them go.

Day 10—The Dwarves from Bodrin’s Watch arrive tired and frustrated that they missed the siege.  The PCs are each awarded a level 13 item of their choice.


Nice write-up!

Siege of Overlook: Part 2

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