Taking stock and making plans

The events below took place over a period of several days in Overlook. I’ve tried to lay them out roughly in the order in which I remember them happening, but I’m sure I go them slightly out of sequence and some of them were going on at the same time. The campaign date when the session started was Ninthmonth 17, 7101 DR and the date was Ninthmonth 26, 7101 DR at the end of the session. In case you’re curious DR stands for Dwarf Reckoning. Check out the wiki on tracking time here

The party is summoned to Caer Overlook
All of the PCs are summoned to Caer Overlook to attend a meeting being held by Great Elder Morgoff. Zieram, Tolko and Lazonya attended the meeting. Nim had other plans and Snark was hiding so they did not attend. Highlights:

  • Elder Igna Sureweld approached the PCs to ask them for aid in furthering her agenda in the council. She has been working for some time to get the Overlook government to be more representative of the citizens who dwell in the city now. Her feeling is that the city may have started as a Dwarven city, but it hasn’t been that for a long time and it is time that those running things reflected the true demographics.
  • The meeting was attended by other notable heroes and movers and shakers within the city’s society. Medrash, Korgul, Ko-be, Proudhammer, Swiftblade and her crew, the Erathis priestess, and many others the PCs hadn’t met formally.
  • The Great Elder ran down a status list for the districts of the city. This report was supplemented by individual reports from attendees who were from these areas of the city. In general the repairs have begun, though they are being greatly hampered by the weather. All craftsmen have been conscripted to aid in the repairs and the output of every forge has been tasked with producing necessary materials to aid this effort. Massive braziers are being set up in Overlook’s streets to help with the icing and to give the workers some respite from the unseasonable cold.
    • Blister—This district received some damage from the dwarven siege engines that were seeking to dislodge the Copperhelms.
    • Boneyard—Some of the eastern-most tombs were looted by the Copperhelms. Though their pilfering was short lived.
    • Elftown—Not as hard hit as Stonehammer, but still sporting its share of damaged buildings. The snow fall is threatening to collapse buildings that were damaged by the arcane siege engines.
    • Forgeworks—Escaped the siege virtually un touched. This is a blessing because the city requires all of the district’s considerable craft facilities to effect repairs.
    • High Hall—Untouched by the siege engines of the Flaming Fists. It is much as it was before the siege. One notable changes is that there are far more non-dwarven faces in the streets here now.
    • Nine Bells—Much of Nine Bells and most of the western outer ring has been destroyed by fires set by Lazonya’s Raiders. Only the stone structures of this district survived the fires, and many of them have damaged roofs.
    • Stonehammer—Like Elftown came under direct assault from the Flaming Fists siege weapons. Some of the more damage buildings have collapsed under the weight of heavy snow fall. The weather is really hampering the cleanup and recovery effort.
    • Shantytown—This district was a shit hole before the siege, and suffered terribly during it. It is now a charnel pit of frozen corpses and collapsing buildings. Work crews have been dispatched to the district to gather up the bodies and burn them in massive pyres.
  • The Great Elder also went over the external threats to the region.
    • Although the siege is over, there are still roving bands of mercenaries that are turning to banditry. The problem is being dealt with as best as can be, but the soldiers from Bordrin’s Watch and the coalition force from the eastern part of Elsir Vale, must return to whence they came soon. Already the coalition force is planning for its return. They fear the snow will close the pass over the Wyrmsmoke Mountains and force them to travel around the mountains to get back east. The Great Elder requested that Lazonya’s Raiders be commissioned as a permanent force and set to the task of ferreting out the remaining bandits near Overlook.
    • Also on everyone’s mind is the weather. The Fey Winter, as it is being called, is hampering the efforts to repair the city. It also has the City Quartermaster concerned, because the early onset of winter prevented the a full harvest this year. The city has ample stores that should get the city through the winter if properly rationed and supplemented by fresh meat. However, if the Fey Winter doesn’t abate by spring and interferes with the planting then the city’s situation will be very dire.

Nim takes a trip to Shantytown
While Zieram, Lazonya, and Tolko went to the council meeting. Nim headed out the east gate and went to Shantytown. He pretended to join up with the corpse crews, but quickly set out on his on to explore the district. He searched a number of the less dilapidated structures, but didn’t find much of any value. Disgusted he headed back to the city proper. Along the way he encountered a drunken dwarf being thrown out of a bar and his eladrin companion (Sanchez & Arranis). He lifted their purses as a consolation prize and headed back to the Dancing Spirits Inn.

  • Inside one of the coin purses amongst the coins is a small glowing gem. The gem is enchanted and appears to be a power source of some kind.

Zieram is summoned by High Ancestor Durkik
High Ancestor Durkik sends an acolyte to get him as he is leaving the council meeting. The acolyte leads Zieram to a large study within Caer Overlook where Durkik is hard at work decyphering the Incunabulum Primeval. The highlights:

  • The name Pyranoth dates back to the Age of Chains and none of the references with in the tome have been complimentary.
  • The ciphers that he was taught do not work reliably on the sections of the text where his name is found. Durkik believes this indicates that the entries are extremely old, perhaps written before ancient dwarven was a single language.
  • One thing that he was able to decipher was that Pyranoth’s name is mentioned in connection with something known as Klar’ekku.
  • What Klar’ekku is isn’t explained. However, the text in question is a quote from an ancient scholor know as Pylark of Argent.
  • There is a refence to Argent in the book but it is contained within cleverly devised cipher of arcane text. This is what Durkik needed Zieram’s help with.
    • Zieram with Bimp’s help is able to determine that the arcane text is in fact a trap which must be disabled before the protected passage can be deciphered. Bimp describes the trap as having pointy bits to it that won’t react well to being tampered with. Zieram constructs a make shift magic circle to contain the discharge of arcane energy should he fail to disarm the construct. Zieram takes the entire passage into his mind’s eye at one time and through force of wiil renders the trap inert.
    • With the trap disabled, Zieram finds that the text within is actually a level 10 teleportaion ritual Argent Portal Ritual.
  • Durkik is very concerned by the revelation that followers of Pyranoth, a powerful entity linked to the Age of Chains, are behind the attack on Overlook. He fears this is just the first step in some larger plot against the city. He would see this followed up on. Zieram agrees to look into it.

Lazonya recieves an alarming missive from home

  • Lazonya spends a couple of days helping repair the temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot. It was one of the stone structures that survived, but received damage to its roof.
  • During her work on the temple, Lazonya receives a brief message from her mother via a magical writing desk that she carries with her.
    • The writing desk is part of a matched set that let’s messages be sent from one to the other. Lazonya’s family back in Mythrendain has the second desk.
    • “I hope you are well. Will you come to the Samhain Festival? Look for us not in the Catacombs. We now reside at Fallstar Manor.”
    • Lazonya’s family has lived in the Catacombs for 5 generations. Not a glamorous place to live, but very practical for the work that they do. The Fallstar Manor is in the Old Battery, which is a run down part of town. It is also the district where the families of exiles are forced to live.
  • Lazonya concerned about the what might have befallen her family in her absence, packs swiftly and heads home to Mythrendain. On the way out of town she let’s Zieram know where she is headed.
  • Snark and Nim try to follow her trail, but they soon learn that an elladrin ranger on an obsidian steed intent on swift travel is not easy to catch. They turn around and head back to Overlook.

Tolko is summoned back to Caer Overlook
Captain Bonner sends a guard to fetch Tolko. The guard has been instructed to bring Tolko to Caer Overlook immediately. When he arrives, Tolko finds Captain Bonner standing outside a cell in the dungeon beneath the fortress. Standing beside him is smartly dressed eladrin named Arranis. Inside the cell is a drunken dirty dwarf who is sobbing uncontralably. Periodically the dwarf will stop sobbing and scream out Tolko’s name.
Tolko has never met this dwarf before, but agrees to speak with him. As soon as he does a change comes over the dwarf and Tolko finds that he is actaully speaking to Krael Witheroot. Krael tells Tolko to come to the Boiling Tarn for a meeting of the circle and to bring this poor dwarf with him.

Tolko goes to the Boiling Tarn
Tolko, Arranis & Snachez pack up and leave Overlook heading east towards the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. The Boiling Tarn is a hot springs located on a high shelf on the westaward slopes of mountains. The trip takes three days and is tricky going in the mountains because of the ice and snow. The other members of Tolko’s warden circle are already at the tarn and awaiting him to arrive.
The Circle of the Endless Horizon has called a meeting to discuss the threat posed by the Fey Winter and decide on what is to be done about it.

  • Opal & Onix had just returned from a patrol of the southern Stonehome Mountains.
    • They found a previously unknown portal to the Feywild located at the headwaters of the Elsir River and it is through this portal that the Fey Winter is coming forth.
      • The portal seemed to be a permanent, stable portal and had been arcanely altered to prevent its use. The ritual locking the portal is definitely maintained on the Feywild side.
      • They were unable to determine where in the Feywild the portal is connected.
  • Krael studied Tolko carefully for a minute and announced that Winter had already chosen a champion in this matter. Tolko agreed that he would try to stop the Fey Winter.
  • Krael took Sanchez into his care and has begun a process to heal this disturbed dwarf of his affliction.
  • Tolko finds a shard of ironwood that was sundered by a bolt of lightning. Tolko has begun to carve the shard into a symbol for his circle.

Tolko and Zieram investigate the Fey Portal
After Tolko returned to Overlook he went to find Zieram. Together they weaded west out of the city towards the Stonehome Mountains. They followed the Elsir River to its source and located the portal. The Highlights:

  • The portal was located in the entrance of a shallow cave nestled beneath the roots of a large bonsai-like tree.
  • the portal was a shimmering white and blue energy field through which issued forth a howling wintry wind that rushed into the sky above the mountains. This is clearly the source of the Fey Winter
  • Zieram was able to learn a few more things about the portal
    • The portal is not just locked it has been dominated by a powerful fey entity. The portal is under this creatures complete control and no one can pass through it without its leave. Bimp is fairly sure the entity in question is a major league Fomorian Giant.
    • He was able to gain a brief glimpse of the Feywild beyond the portal. Zieram and Tolko saw a glittering subterranean city carved from the fractured shell of a gigantic geode. A couple of moments later the vista was replaced by an enormous slitted yellow eye which delivered a mental smack to Zieram knocking him flat.

Quest Summaries
Here is a quick summary of the three quests that you guys picked up this session.

“Put an end to the threat of the Fey Winter”—level 15 major quest given to Tolko by his warden circle.

“Travel to Argent and learn more about Pyranoth and Klar’ekku”—level 12 minor quest and was given to Zieram by High Ancest Durkik.

“Travel to Mythrendain and investigate what is going on with Lazonya’s family”—level 12 minor quest given to Lazonya by her mom.


“Nim takes a trip to Shantytown” could be set to the theme “Won’t you take me to Funkytown”… I know this because I keep hearing it in my head :-)

Taking stock and making plans

Now it is in my head. Thanks. :-(

Taking stock and making plans

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