The Road to Mythrendain (part 1)

Ninthmonth 24, 2101

As the PCs prepare to leave Overlook a light snow begins to fall.

Sullying Proudhammer’s Reputation
In the days that followed the victory of Overlook over the forces besieging it, Zieram and Nim joined forces to undermine the reputation of Durm Proudhammer. Zieram was concerned about the rumors he had heard that Proudhammer was in a good position to gain a seat on Overlook’s Council of Elders. This is an event that the PCs and a couple of the other council members would like to not see happen. Using Nim’s illusions and Zieram’s Hat of Disguise they had Proudhammer make appearances in several seedy and unsavory establishments throughout the city. At each appearance they had him make a complete spectacle out of himself. The events were so shocking that it has caused Proudhammer a great deal of public embarrassment and eroded some of his supporters.
At the same time the PCs encouraged Igna to court Ko-Be as a possible candidate. Public office is a bit of an interest of his and his fame as one of the Heroes of Overlook would be a great asset.

A Message from Lazonya
A couple of days before, Zieram received a snding from Lazonya. Zieram was in the mountains west of Overlook at the time and the message was thus: “Need your aid, Bring Tolko, Nim, Snark to Mythrendain. Enter South Glade portal. Will leave guide at Kindly Crone. Beware marauders – avoided some, dispatched others”

Gone Shopping
The PCs spend the day gathering together what supplies they need for the journey east to South Glade.

Ninthmonth 25, 2101

The PCs depart Overlook a light snow continues to fall.

A Request from Medrash
Medrash approaches the PCs as they are preparing to leave Overlook. He has a favor to ask of Zieram.

  • Medrash has convinced the coalition troops to stay around for a few more days in Overlook and help him hunt brigands in the surrounding Westdeep. However, the soldiers are understandably concerned that if they delay much longer that the pass over the Wyrmsmokes will be closed by the snow fall. This will mean a lengthy detour around the mountains to get home to their families.
  • Medrash asks Zieram to send him word from the pass of its condition and his best guess at how long the road through the mountains will remain passable. He offers to reimburse him the cost of the ritual’s components. He gives Zieram a small purse of 5pp to purchase the Sending ritual and the necessary components.

The Camp on the Forrest’s Edge
The party trudges along the Dwarfroad east through the Westdeep. The going is taxing because of the amount of snow that has fallen over the past couple of weeks. By the end of the day they arrive at the traveler’s camp located just inside the forest.
Snark catches a glimpse of something bronze glinting from beneath the snow next to one of the trees just outside the camp’s clearing. Upon investigating the party discovers that it is the corpse of a Copperhelm. Further inspection of the corpse revealed that it had died as the result of multiple arrow wounds and a few well placed sword thrusts. The arrow wounds were notable because of the lack of arrows in them and the fact that there was no tearing of the wounded flesh to show that the arrows had been removed. That detail pointed towards this being the work of Lazonya because the arrows from her magic quiver disappear back to whence they are summoned after a short time. As the PCs prepared the campsite for their night’s they discovered three more Copperhelms slain in a similar fashion.

Ninthmonth 26, 2101

The PCs leave the eaves of the Westdeep and travel into the pass. The light snow of the previous days worsens to a heavy snow storm.

Carrion on the Dwarfroad
Traveling up the Dwarfroad into the mountains the party encounters a pair of merchant wagons and their dead attendants. The corpses of the caravan are being consumed by a pack of four Vulture Drakes. The drakes either defending their meal or eager to add some fresh meat to their diet attack the PCs. That was a mistake on their part because the PCs slaughter them in a matter of seconds. While searching the wagons the PCs find:

  • The wagons have been picked over and some items have been taken from the wagons. However each wagon is still laden with ~1,000 lbs of oaken beams and boards.
  • While the vulture drakes had savaged the bodies of the merchants and their guards, they did not kill them. There were signs that the bodies were killed by weapon wounds. One of them was cut completely in two at the waste.

Trouble at the Smoky Timbers Inn
Cold and tired from a long day’s march the party arrives at the Smoky Timbers Inn and learn that it has been commandeered by a squad of Flaming Fists mercenaries and their war troll ally. A battle ensues where many spells and blows are exchanged. Thanks to Tolko taking quite a hammering on their behalf, the rest of the party walked away from the battle mostly unscathed.
With the Flaming Fists defeated, the innkeeper emerged from his hiding place and introduced himself as Krolin Tulof. He thanks the PCs for saving his inn and has rooms and a meal prepared for them free of charge.
Krolin tells the PCs that the mercenaries arrived a couple of days ago and he overheard them saying they would camp out in the inn for a few days to see if anyone else from their unit showed up before moving on. The PCs also learned from Krolin that Lazonya passed through here a few days ago headed east.

Blood and Secret Legacies
Snark acting on a hunch collected some of Zieram’s blood and tested it on one of the infernal texts that he carries. The writing on the page writhed and wriggled and drank in Zieram’s blood. None of the other Tiefling blood that Snark has tested on the tomes has yielded any reaction at all. It seems that he has finally found someone that can help him unlock the secrets of the texts.



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