The Siege of Overlook: Part 1

I have to go back through my notes and figure out what happened during days 1 through 3
Day 4—The PCs with the aid of the city watch staged a daring raid on the Copperhelms in Shantytown.

  • Ko-be, Korgul, Tolko & Zieram with the aid of Captain Bonner and 30 dwarf warriors sallied forth against a force of 200 Copperhelms holding the east gate.  The purpose of this mission was to create a diversion that would allow Lazonya and her raiders a chance to get into Shantytown and poison the Copperhelms food supply.
    • Tolko suggested that the party build a 12 foot tall wicker man and set it alight to precede the attack.  Zieram added mystical runes to wicker man to enhance and prolong its burning.  Ko-be added symbolism to the effigy that would add to its unnerving nature.  Korgul decided to be the power that drove the cart downhill.
    • The city watch opened fire on the Copperhelms position and rained down upon them burning pitch and ballista bolts.  The sudden attack threw the mercenaries into disarray which set the stage nicely for the PCs assault.
    • The wicker man careened down the street towards the outer gate while Zieram provided a frightening pyrotechnics display.
    • Caught off guard some of the Copperhelms began to flee before the burning effigy while others bunched up and hesitated in the confusion of the moment.
    • Korgul charged a group of 30 Copperhelms while “thunder” raging and flung himself into the middle of the mercenaries.  Loud peels of thunder echoed from the melee as Copperhelms bodies flew out of the mass.
    • Meanwhile Ko-be leant his leadership to the assault and coordinated the team.  He also used a terrible battle cry, which was enhanced by favorable winds summoned by Tolko, to broadcast the cry throughout the city and into the Shantytown.
    • The disturbance drew the attention of the Copperhelms’ main body in Shantytown and they rushed to the gates.  Unfortunately for them, the Copperhelms inside the city began to route and the two forces collided in the city’s outer gate.
    • Ko-be seizing the opportunity organized the dwarves into a wedge and directed Korgul to charge the gates.  The Copperhelms were pushed out of the city and Zieram with the assistance of the dwarves brought the gate down and disabled it.
    • The assault force then retreated back to the safety of the inner wall as Sarshan and his dragon showed up.
  • While this was going on Lazonya and her raiders crossed the walls and entered Shantytown unnoticed.  Her band split into groups and poisoned the mercenary’s food supply.  While searching they found a wagon with weapons and a few casks of oil in it.  These Lazonya’s Raiders used to blow up the weapons depots that they found.  The confusion at the gate allowed Lazonya and her warriors to get back into the city unnoticed and unmolested.
  • The PCs learn that the portal to the Mountainroot Temple is sealed shut.  The presumption is that the Caretaker is away from the temple.
Day 5 –The moral of the defenders was given a much needed boost by the action at the eastern gate.  The Copperhelms did reclaim the gate, and under direct command of Sarshan finally moved fully into the eastern portion of the city.
  • Intelligence reports estimated that the Copperhelms lost 20%-25% of their fighting strength as a result of desertion and illness that resulted in the aftermath of the attack.  Though still the largest force of mercenaries employed by the enemy, their morale has been greatly compromised which will be an exploitable weakness in the future.
Day 6—The Flaming Fists and Dark Arkhosians finish establishing their positions within the western portion of the city.
  • The Flaming Fists resume their siege engine assault and start lobbing stones and flaming pitch onto the city’s defenders.  They also add two batteries of ritual siege engines.
  • The attacks from the ritual engines are targeted at the districts of Elftown and Stonehammer.  Chaos quickly spreads throughout the streets.
  • The PCs receive a sending from Great Elder Morgoff that Councilwoman Mountainhome is in danger.  Her manor house has been struck by the siege engines and she is trapped inside.  He asks that they go and try to free her.
    • Along the way Ko-be uses his leadership skills to calm the citizens and organize them into teams to combat the fire and help get the injured out of the districts under attack..
    • Once at the manor, the PCs split up and search for the Councilwoman and her staff inside the burning building.  They rescue a dozen or so staff, including three children (Annah  it turns out later is orphaned in the attack), and the Councilwoman.
  • The PCs spend the rest of the day helping organize the evacuation of the attacked districts and return to Caer Overlook as the sun begins to set.



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