• Arranis


    Fastidious, serious and vigilant. He also has the patience of a saint, and some would say poor taste in traveling companions.
  • Captain Bonner Kragstead

    Captain Bonner Kragstead

    Bonner is a young dwarf with a beard that he keeps cropped short and tidy. He is dressed in banded mail decorated with the livery of Overlook. His helm which he keeps tucked under his arm is emblazoned with the insignia of the Watch Captain.
  • Elder Igna Sureweld

    Elder Igna Sureweld

    Igna is an aging dwarf female dressed simply in the garb of a craftsman.
  • Elder Mortoc Stoutfurnace

    Elder Mortoc Stoutfurnace

    Mortoc is a middle aged dwarf with red hair and a nasty burn scar on his left cheek.
  • Great Elder Morgoff Stonefirst

    Great Elder Morgoff Stonefirst

    Morgoff is an ancient dwarf with a long white beard and dressed in finely tailored clothes.
  • High Ancestor Durkik

    High Ancestor Durkik

    Durkik is an aging dwarf dressed in a practical and well used (and well tended) suit or chain mail. His dark blue cloak is fastened with the holy symbol of Moradin. Durkik’s face still shows vivid evidence of his recent tortures and one of his eyes is
  • High Marshal Durm Proudhammer

    High Marshal Durm Proudhammer

    Proudhammer is dressed in banded mail of archaic design. It is festooned with golden, platinum and silver seals of honor. He is a dwarf in his prime with a beard that has been elaborately braded and waxed.
  • Ko-Be


    Speaks perfect Common except when under stress, when snorts and grunts inevitably begin. Wears blood red armor and has horns covered in sigils, with a dark blue glow. Wears his flail on hook on waist, shield on back over his pack.
  • Krael Witheroot

    Krael Witheroot

    Male Dwarven World Speaker Shaman, Rough robes with the appearance of bark on it while wielding a 4 foot staff that looks like a raw branch.
  • Lazonya's Brothers

    Lazonya's Brothers

    Tarasvin Family Portrait
  • Medrash


    Medarsh is unlike any other dragonborn. Through a mishap of birth he was born with a tail and a feral visage.
  • Narrek


    Goliath Storm Warden, White and black hide armor with lightening images across the chest, wielding a great spear as tall as he is.
  • Opal & Onix

    Opal & Onix

    Female Dragonborn Twins - Earth Warden, both wearing similar gray hide armor and wielding large two-handed hammers - Fire Breath, Bronze Skin.
  • Sanchez the Besotted

    Sanchez the Besotted

    Drunken, Slovenly, Filthy, Good hearted, but torn asunder by grief and guilt of his past.
  • The Fate Weaver

    The Fate Weaver

    The Fate Weaver never speaks and his motivations are unknowable.
  • Valnaris Eldarin

    Valnaris Eldarin

    Male Elven Life Warden, Sleek hide armor with a one-handed spear and an elegant shield, He is basically the leader of the party, calling the shots.