Lazonya Tarasvin

Eladrin Hunter Ranger


Daring * Fearless * Loyal * Impetuous * Tenacious
To my friends, I am a loyal and steadfast comrade. To my
enemies, I am a lethal adversary.


The Tarasvins are 5th generation Eladrin dungeoneers. They are revered, in the
great Feywild city of Mithrendain. With grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,
parents and brothers, my clan is an adventuring company unto themselves. Their
sole “adventure” is mapping and “exterminating” the catacombs beneath the
Citadel Arcanum. I spent entirely too much of my childhood underground.

By adulthood, I was completely disenchanted with the family business. I am the
first in generations to not carry on the family tradition of burrowing and
breeding. Fortunately, my brothers have happily picked up the mantle, thus my
parents are tolerant of “Lazonya’s eccentricities”. Nonetheless, they were
rendered speechless when I announced my choice of vocation

“A pirate’s life for me”… well, not exactly. More like a mariner’s life… on a
transport ship… traveling the world, conveying goods and people to wherever they
needed to go. I have been to the far reaches of the world (and a few places best
forgotten). I have seen exotic lands and encountered mysterious peoples you
only read about in books. I have weathered great tempests, fought treacherous
pirates, and battled colossal sea monsters. After many years traversing the
sea, it is time to plant my feet back on solid ground (for longer than a family

Over the years, I have learned how to take care of myself. Unlike most little
girls, I was shooting a bow before I could read. I can intuitively distinguish
direction, depth and distance in just about any setting. Reading is a passion
and I am well versed in both dungeon and monster lore. As a Ranger, I am nimble,
stealth, and have very keen senses. When needed, I can bandage a wound or
administer a potion.

As a child, I longed to escape the confines of the cold, dark catacombs. I
consider myself an explorer, an adventurer. Fresh air, freedom, and a little
treasure make me quite content.

Lazonya Tarasvin

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