Medarsh is unlike any other dragonborn. Through a mishap of birth he was born with a tail and a feral visage.


Medrash, level 8
Dragonborn, Warlord
Warlord: Combat Leader
Commanding Presence: Tactical Presence
Background: Dragonborn – Rare Egg, Wandering Mercenary (Wandering Mercenary Benefit)

Str 21, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 15, Wis 8, Cha 14.

Str 17, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 12.

AC: 26 Fort: 21 Reflex: 19 Will: 18
HP: 66 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 18

Intimidate +13, Athletics +12, Endurance +9, Diplomacy +11

Acrobatics +2, Arcana +6, Bluff +6, Dungeoneering +3, Heal +3, History +8, Insight +3, Nature +3, Perception +3, Religion +6, Stealth +2, Streetwise +6, Thievery +2

Level 1: Armor Proficiency: Scale
Level 2: Shield Proficiency: Heavy
Level 4: Toughness
Level 6: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 8: Bolstering Breath

Warlord at-will 1: Wolf Pack Tactics
Warlord at-will 1: Viper’s Strike
Warlord encounter 1: Warlord’s Favor
Warlord daily 1: Lead the Attack
Warlord utility 2: Ominous Threat
Warlord encounter 3: Follow Me In
Warlord daily 5: Stand the Fallen
Warlord utility 6: Stand Tough
Warlord encounter 7: Sunder Armor

Meliorating Drakescale Armor +2, Vanguard Bastard sword +2, Shield of Speed and Evasion Heavy Shield (heroic tier), Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1, Potion of Healing (heroic tier) (5), Nail of Sealing (heroic tier), Panther Tears (heroic tier) (2), Alchemist’s Fire (level 6), Adventurer’s Kit, Clearsense Powder (level 1), Javelin (6), Obsidian Steed (heroic tier), Whistle of Warning (heroic tier), Steadfast Boots (heroic tier), Ring of Three Boons


Medarsh is unlike any other dragonborn. Through a mishap of birth he was born with a tail and a feral visage. Though he appears that part, he is not brutish, but his years of work as a mercenary sergeant has lead him to develop a more brusque tone and a less than politic manner when addressing others.

To his allies and comrades in arms he is loyal and steadfast, and will put his on life in peril for their sakes. To his enemies they could have no fiercer adversary.

He is a wily tactician and prefers to lead from the front.

Medrash is often accompanied by an enigmatic deva known only as The Fate Weaver.


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