Nim Sonnenshein

Gnome Illusionist Extraordinaire


Gnome Wizard
Level 11
Diety: Sehanine
Background: Cunning Hypnotist

HP: 61
Initiative: 7
Speed: 5
Passive Insight: 22
Passive Perception: 17

Str: 9
Con: 11
Dex: 14
Int: 22
Wis: 11
Cha: 20

Trained Skills:
Arcana: 18
Bluff: 15
Diplomacy: 15
Insight: 12

Untrained Skills over 10:
History: 11
Religion: 11
Stealth: 12

- Ritual Caster
- Orb Expertise (1/2/3 attach. +1 to push, pull, slide)
- Duel Implement Spellcaster (offhand implement enhancement to dmg rolls)
- Superior Implement Training (Crystal Orb)
- Phantom Echos (gain combat advantage against targets hit by illusion power)
- Destructive Wizardry (
2 dmg if you hit 2 or more creatures)
- Unarmored Agility (+2 AC while wearing cloth or no armor)
- Psychic Lock (Target hit with psychic powers take -2 on next attack role)

Head: Cannith Goggles (2 perception; daily expend encounter/daily to gain darkvision)
Neck: Elven cloak +3 (stealth +3)
Arms: Bracers of Escape (interrupt when target of attack; teleport 2 squares)
Hands: Resplendent Gloves (
2 dmg to attacks on will; one target grants combat advantage)
Main Hand: Crystal orb of supplementary force 3 (2 dmg roll to psychic; +1 att to will)
Off Hand: Defensive Staff +3
Waist: Viper Belt (poison resist)
Armor: Shimmering robe +2 (can cast in close quarters without provacation)


It all started when his family, not amused with Nim’s preoccupation with his “Get rich quick schemes”, pushed him into the wizarding business. Forced to study with his uncle, a talented but strict academic, Nim quickly came to see the opportunities in the arcane arts of misdirection and illusion – he thought that surely, with such abilities, he could easily relieve non-Gnomes (who are clearly of inferior intellect) of their wealth. So he studied hard and as soon as he was able, left his village and struck out to seek his wealth.

Unfortunately, Nim’s first target was a group of none too friendly fey giants. Having found the little gnome wandering their home, the giants easily captured Nim and were amused by his attempts at freeing himself through little bursts of light and other small trickery. They presented Nim to their chieftan as a gift, who, finding the gnome too small to even eat, tossed Nim to his youngsters. The young giants found greatly enjoyed poking and kicking the gnome to make him do tricks.

Having suffered as a jester/slave under the giant for a number of months, the young giants grew bored of Nim and he was soon forced to clean, cook and serve his captors in order to earn his keep. After one unusually successful raid on some local rivals, the giants threw a huge celebration. During their drunken revelry, Nim came across one of the smaller treasure vaults that wasn’t locked properly by a drunken guard. Inside, Nim found that this was one of the lesser vaults, used by the giants for temporary storage of less valuable pillaged goods. But there was enough gnome sized gear for Nim to equip himself sufficiently to survive the wilderness surrounding the giant-hold, and make his escape while the giants were too drunk to notice.

In the winderness, he came upon another lone gnome named Snark. Though Snark was slightly dim-witted, he and Nim soon struck up a friendship; the kind that can only be forged by the suffering and terror of surviving a horrible ordeal together. Having saved each others lives countless times during their flight, they left the wilderness together, barely staying ahead of pursuers unknown. They were losing strength and ground, and thought they were surely hours from a horrible end, when they came across an open fey portal to “The World”. Luckily, whatever was chasing them didn’t follow through the portal (at least as far as they know), so they set out to seek their fortunes!

Nim Sonnenshein

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