Snark Snickerpants

Poor Snark :(


Snark. Small, cowardly,paranoid, pathetic Snark. Determined to survive, devious, sneaky, probably insane, deadly Snark.


Being a lowly goblin, Snark was used like most goblins are by those stronger than them. Snark used to be in a goblin mob, forced to fight and die for a brutish Feywild master. Snark took to wielding a rapier he liberated from an expired elf during a night raid he was forced into at the behest of his owner, and found that he was pretty good at sticking things with it.

The master did to goblins what you would expect – boss them around, send them into battles expecting high casualties, or killing the goblins himself on a whim. Snark decided that he was doomed to a bloody death, either at the hands of the master or in one of his battles. After one particularly scary fight against a warlock and his minions, Snark stole a bag of loot from the enemy warlock’s tent and ran like the wind! Ever since, Snark has been living at the edges of civilization, studying the Warlock’s texts, and eking out a life spent in fear of the master he is sure is coming for him. Thanks to a cap that Snark found in the Warlock’s tent, Snark can make himself look like a Gnome, or any other runty humanoid. This hat has allowed Snark to live in the slums of various cities, sleeping and feeding on the scraps of the bosses that seem to be everywhere.

Snark, being a coward, only fights when he has to, and when he has to, he fights dirty. Snark will either stab a target when they aren’t looking, or will run away and hide if he can’t ensure a safe victory.

Snark lives in abject terror of his previous Feywild master, and fully believes that his master is hunting him non-stop. The truth is probably that his previous master doesn’t know or care of Snark’s existence. Or does he? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

Snark Snickerpants

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