House Rules

Official House Rules

  • Critical Miss— If a character rolls a “1” on an attack roll then the target of that attack can take an Opportunity Action against that character.

Proposed House Rules

  • Expanded Action Point Use:
    • No longer limited to spending a single action point per encounter. If you have accrued more than one action point then you can spend them all in a single encounter. You are, however, still limited to one action point per round.

    • You can trade in an action point to regain a spent healing surge.

    • Once per day you can trade in an action point to recharge a spent daily power.

    • re-roll an unsuccessful attack roll or skill check

    • Selfless Heroic Actions:
      • As an immediate interrupt when an adjacent ally takes damage, you may spend an action point to take the damage instead

      • As an immediate interrupt when an ally falls over a ledge or into a pit, shift up to your speed to a square adjacent to the falling character. That character doesn’t fall. Instead both you and the ally are prone in a square adjacent to the pit.

      • I’m also open to other possible heroic actions. We can talk about it when the situation arises. The key thing I’m looking for here is that your character expends the action point to take one for the team.

  • Monster Tweaks:
    • I will be trying some tweaks to monsters to try to both speed up combat encounters and make them both more interesting and challenging. I’m not sure how these will work or if I will use them in every encounter, but I’m excited to give them a try.

    • More Durable Minnions— It takes two hits to kill a minion. The first hit in essence bloodies it and the second hit kills it.

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House Rules

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