Keeping Time

The world is over 7,000 years old and there have been many civilizations that have risen and fallen over the course of that time. Each of those cultures had their own way of tracking the passage of the days and months. Below are the most commonly known ones in the world today, but Nerath’s is by far the one that is most widely used.

Nerath adopted the Dwarves’ reckoning of the number of years since the end of The Dawn War (and for them the end of the Age of Chains). The Dwarves put the current year as 7101.

Days of the week and their contracted form (Nerath):

  • Dawnday/Dawday
  • Waterday/Waday
  • Earthday/Erday
  • Halfweekday/Hawday
  • Skyday/Skiday
  • Firesday/Firday
  • Restingday/Resterday

The year is 372 days long and is divided into 12 months of 31 days each.

Dwarven Nerathian Arkhosian Eladrin
Firstmonth Sunshadow Wisdom Eanair
Secondmonth Frostglint Goldspell Feabhra
Thirdmonth Windlion Silverscale Morshiul
Fourthmonth Stormbless Coppertail Aibrean
Fifthmonth Bloomkiss Bronzewing Bealtaine
Sixthmonth Neverstar Brasseye Meitheamh
Seventhmonth Brightsong Whitegreed Luil
Eighthmonth Skyhome Blackbreath Lunasa
Ninthmonth Harvestdawn Greenclutch Mean’fomhair
Tenthmonth Flameleaf Bluetooth Deireadh’fomhair
Eleventhmonth Kinspeak Redclaw Samhain
Twelfthmonth Chillmoon Slumber Nollaig


Keeping Time

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