“You think Nine Bells is bad? Spend a night in Shantytown.”

Not a true district of Overlook, Shantytown clings to the back of the city like a festering boil. Shantytown is a wretched maze of tents, shacks, and rotting wooden buildings, and it is home to the poorest and most desperate of people that have nowhere else to go. Most of Shantytown’s people are refugees from other lands, victims of tragedy and circumstance, or exiles who keep a low profile so they can go about their wicked business without attracting attention. Thus, Shantytown’s people are beggars, destitute farmers, maimed adventurers, undead, necromancers, cultists, and worse, all thrown together in one of the most desperate spots in the region.
Buildings: Tents and lean-tos make up the majority of “buildings” in Shantytown, though some wooden structures rise up from the mess like islands in a sea of misery.
Streets: Little better than muddy paths wending through heaps of debris and filth, no one is sure if the mud is actually mud. . . .
People: People of all races and from all lands live here, though humans appear to be the most numerous. Most have hard luck stories, but a few live here by choice—for easy hunting or to escape notice.
Points of Interest: Dwarfroad; The Gray Redoubt ; Clean Sheets
Sights: One can see a filthy child screaming in the middle of a street, a flock of chickens fleeing from a hungry cat, a brown-clad cultist with a rat skull on a thong around his neck, a shrine dedicated to a sinister god, and a bloated corpse ripening in the sun.
Smells: Filth, filth, and more filth—the stench of Shantytown is staggering.
Sounds: Within this area one can hear laughter and crying, moans and sighs, the squelch of footfalls, the grunt of pain, the short shriek of butchered animal, the howl of a dog in pain.

Recent Events: During the Siege of Overlook Shantytown was the base of operation’s for the Copperhelms mercenary company. They spent many days here “looting”. If this is true then one must wonder at the destitute state of the Copperhelms soldiers that they would find it suitable target for plunder.
In the Aftermath of the siege, Shantytown is even more vile place than before. The bodies of dead mercenaries and unfortunate residents still litter the muddy tracks of the district. The few permanent structures that existed before the siege are now burned out shells or charnel houses where whole squads of the Copperhelms perished at the hands of Lazonya’s Raiders.

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