Lazonya's Brothers

Tarasvin Family Portrait


This portrait was painted for Lazonya’s parent’s 75th Wedding Anniversary.

Eol, Cidran and Lazonya posed for this portrait about 6 years ago (Lazonya’s dreaded teen years). Even the Fey cannot escape the dreaded Molly Ringwald hair cut. To add insult to injury, Mom made her wear a dress :-(


Eol Tarasvin, Paladin of Corellon, is the eldest brother of Lazonya. Aged 76, he is married to Silmarwen. They have 2 sons, Faenaro and Gelmir.

Cidran Tarasvin, second oldest, is a Fighter / Rogue. Aged 53, he and wife Tari, have a son, Angrod.

Lazonya, the youngest and only girl, is a Ranger. Aged 20, she is single, adventurous, and bears absolutely NO resemblance to the meek sissy Elf in the painting.

Lazonya's Brothers

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